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Galaxy Development

This page collects resources that are helpful to development of various aspects of the Galaxy software. It is aimed to provide help to all of the numerous Galaxy's contributors. We salute you!

If your interest lies in the development of tools for Galaxy please see the Adding custom tools tutorial.

Source code

  • Source Code - Where is the source code and how to contribute.


We use Sphinx to generate documentation on classes and methods (and much more) in the code base. It also includes Python docstrings from the code. Sphinx uses reStructured Text (RST) with some Sphinx-specific additions for markup. You can generate your own copy of the documentation. You might want to do this if you have made local modifications/extensions to the code, or if you are adding documentation that will be merged back. Contribution of documentation is very welcome. To generate the documentation simply execute make docs from Galaxy's root directory. The generated documentation will be in doc/build/html/ and can be viewed in a web browser.

API Resources

Issue #758 workaround

Code Practices

  • Contributing - Describes how to contribute to the core galaxy project.
  • CSS Practices - How we generate and manage stylesheets.


Tool Development Resources

Issue #758 workaround


Other resources