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Tools in Galaxy

Every Galaxy is much defined by its tools. You can either use them as a user, install them as an admin, or contribute to the community by writing tools or preparing them for use with Galaxy as a tool developer.

Using tools

Extensive help on how to use a particular tool in Galaxy is often included on the tool page itself, inside Galaxy. To see this help, click on a tool in the left tool panel, and then scroll to the bottom of the center panel. Help includes parameter explanations, links to the tool developer's help pages, and examples. For further help with Galaxy and Galaxy tools don't hesitate to contact us via the Galaxy help forum.

For general help on using Galaxy, see Learn.

Installing tools

Please see installing tools to learn how to add tools to your Galaxy.

Writing tools

Tools are written in XML language following the Galaxy tool schema. We encourage you to submit your finished tools to the Tool Shed.

Please use Planemo for both tool development (see tutorial) and publishing to the Tool Shed. We heartily recommend you use it together with the best practices for Galaxy tool development by the IUC. The IUC also provides tool developers with advice and guidance.